Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How to get rid of mice

How to get rid of mice is a question of paramount importance for human race as mice pose a great threat being carrier of diseases.

If a mice problem is not taken care of quickly it can become a mouse infestation problem. Since mice reproduce five to ten times a year, with five or six in each litter, two mice can quickly turn into hundreds. There are various methods to get rid of mice:

1. Electronic Pest Control - An electronic device can utilize sonic or ultrasonic sound waves, ultraviolet or UV rays, visual scare characteristics or other means to discourage, scare or repel pests. The most popular of these are electronic pest repellers. There are many different types. Check the broad selection of electronic pest repellers

2. Traps – There are many different traps varying from single catcher to multi catcher, spring loaded-bar, electric, live-catch...etc. Choose from a selection of quality mouse traps

3. Glue traps - In many circumstances, glue traps (or glue boards, as they are called in the pest control industry) are employed in rodent removal and maintenance. Glue traps are safe to use in homes, apartments, restaurants, hospitals, pet shops, day care centers, nursing homes and food preparation areas. Find suitable glue trap here

4. Cats - Cats have been kept since ages with the sole purpose of hunting mice.

Rid yourself of that pesky mice problem in your home. There is no need to live with mice running through the walls when there are so many readily available solutions.